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 ****UPDATE**** 12/18/15 - This New Video has been released which shows the Lights remaining stationary but more importantly it shows that the Lights had to have been over the Estrella Mountain Range itself. I arrive at this conclusion based on the close-up in this video of one splitting into two shown on the Right side of the array of lights from the perspective of Mike Kryzston who is North of Phoenix. In the Video shot from my home on the South side of Pheonix - the same Light dividing into two is shown on the Left side of the array from my perspective. Thus - we were seeing the inverse perspective. The lights disappearing in both videos can be accounted for by the jagged peaks of the Estrella Mountain range which would block them from view at various points depending on where they were viewed from. This is a very important development as it now refutes the placement of the Lights through Triangulation over the Goldwater Gunnery Range which is many miles South of the Estrella Range.










**** The Following Analysis is still relevant as it relates to GPS positions of witnesses and what was seen from their perspectives ****

[However SB's Line of Sight for the Right side of his Array has to shift North or to the Right to Intersect with MK's line's of sight over or in front of the Mountain Range as witnesses reported. CR and LK's lines of sight are inconclusive.]

The PDF (nat geo triangulation) link provided below is to a presentation prepared for the National Geographic producers shooting a new documentary on the history of UFO sightings to shed light on the recent findings concerning the Phoenix Lights Triangulation of four witnesses who provided video of the March 13, 1997 event 

Included in this presentation are the coordinates of all four witnesses, their line of sight as determined by Dr. Bruce Maccabee in his 1998 Report (the author's film was not part of the Triangulation Dr. Maccabee published - although a screen grab from a prior UFO sighting was addressed in his addendum), composite day/night pictures from the author's home and compelling proof that the Lights remained stationary in the air for several minutes. The Lights' location is also in question due to the angle of Blonder's line of sight compared to the others.  Either the Lights moved and were viewed at different times by the various witnesses or there were different sets of lights - IF Dr. Maccabee's current triangulation of the two furthest witnesses still stands (Mike Kryzston and Chuck Rairden). Blonder and Dr. Lynne Kitei's sightings do not conform to the other two.  Dr. Kitei's lights were witnessed over Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport and would have intersected with Kryzston's line of sight much further north of where the MK/CR intersection is and north of Military Airspace.Blonder's sighting is not entirely factored out of the revised triangulations since the addendum on Dr. Maccabee's sight does not reflect any new findings that were brought forth in 2010-2012.

Dr. Maccabee originally published his addendum based on a screen grab sent to him of an earlier light witnessed prior to the main array at the Blonder home on March 13, 1997. Requests were made for Dr. Maccabee to either remove the addendum from his Web site or to factor in the correct angles which take the Blonder line of sight North of Kryston's and Rairdon's intersection. 

The current intersection point of Mike Kryzston and Chuck Rairden's Lights begs the question of why weren't the Lights reported witnesses in Tuscon or Gila Bend who were as close or closer to the Lights than the Phoenix witnesses. Since most people were out looking North in the sky that evening toward's the Hale-Bopp comet, it is logical that those from the South should have witnessed the array of Lights in larger numbers than those from the North looking South. Therefore the current Dr. Maccabee triangulation is now only based on Two sighting lines - Mike Krsyzton and Chuck Rairdon (which was revised considerably).

I asked Dr. Maccabee to factor my position into the Triangulation (which now does not conform to the other positions (Dr. Lynne Kitei's line of sight was also removed​). Dr. Maccabee said he didn't have the bandwith and referred me to Chief Video Analyst at MUFON who was very excited to get a crack at analyzing such a high profile sighting. I provided him all the film found on this site in the highest definition possible and all the documentation I've put here. Two years later, he still says that he's been unable to get around to it. I later found that D'Antonio has never found a True Unknown in any of his analysis to date. 

Shortly after this, Dr. Maccabee published the two reanalysis reports which I've attached below. He has now moved the Kryzston/Rairden intersection position 28 miles south of where the author's left light is positioned and 40 miles south of where his right light is positioned (even further south than Dr. Maccabee estimated for the author's line of sight in his page 5 addendum to his report on the arrays). This puts the author's line of sight across the mountain range at a point that is 2,000 ft. below the Kryzston line which means the missing lights that appeared in Kryzston's (and Rairden's) array of nine lights cannot be accounted for (author viewed 5 lights) by making the assumption they were hiding behind the range. In fact, they were so low in the horizon that Tom King, who filmed the event, had to stand on the ledge of the balcony to capture them. This then means that Rairden who was close to my line of sight had to be seeing a different set of lights (Maccabee intersects with Kryston's) and leave my set of lights a mystery (as he left Dr. Kitei's set of lights).

nat geo triangulation 2_29_12.pdf

reanalysis of the lk vid orig 1 15 2010.pdf


Email the author to get Abobe Photoshop PSD file which is what the author used to sequence the images in the Powerpoint (I believe PSD viewers are available for download from the Web). Also available is a Zip file of all the Google Earth placemarks of witness locations, line of sights and intersections of lines so anyone can recreate the Triangulation findings shown in the presentation.  Download GoogleEarth

Various Perspectives of Phoenix Lights Witnesses
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