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Auther and daughter in 1997

Steven with his daughter in 1997

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Steven Blonder was not only a key witness of the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights event that has become the most documented UFO Sighting in history, he had been filming the Lights since March 10th and had invited investigators to his house the night of the major sighting.  Bill Hamilton, field investigator for MUFON arrived with filmographer Tom King just after having had dinner with Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project. Hamilton and King were present on Blonder's balcony when at least 5 Lights appeared in the sky after an earlier light had sent them for their equipment.

Up until this point, Blonder was a skeptic concerning UFOs and really hadn't much interest in whether they existed or not.  He was much more focused on raising his family and working as a technology marketing manager for one of the largest global companies.  He was quite nervous that his 15 minutes of fame might jeopardize his career with a company known for its conservatism. Still, Blonder participated in several documentaries and shows that were produced about the event and have aired on the Discovery, History and National Geographic Channels among others.

A few months after the event, Steven moved his family to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he took a new job as a Management Supervisor for a large Advertising Agency.  Several years went by until the 10th Anniversary of the Phoenix Lights triggered something in him.  A new found diversion into the Jewish Mystical Tradition of Kabbalah began to lead Blonder into revisiting the Phoenix Lights which had never really felt closed.  

In 2007, Blonder began writing a book about Kabbalah and found himself inserting material about the Phoenix Lights as if being led to consider explanations of the event that were like meditations or contemplations that were infused with an abundance of spiritual, religious and mythological content.  The book developed as he looked at the entire Sighting as some kind of mandala to come up with his own answers of what the Lights may mean in the context of our seemingly transitional times.

These days, Steven is a professional Astrologer. For services offered see

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