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Jul 16, 2018

Spiritual Ecology - The New Story

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  • I recently came across this paper in academia.edu that Russ von Ohlhausen wrote a few years ago. It explains the precession of the ages in astrological terms and its relationship to the symbols and myths within the 2,160 year period it takes to move from one sign to another. The main example here is Jesus within the age of Pisces which many believe is the process of ending while the newer age of Aquarius is already upon us. I would argue that the symbols presented in the Oracle story are reflective of this change. Aquarius is an air sign where we've established that we have UFOs in the air, images in the landscape seen directly from satellites in the air, our own "arrival" into the scene via computers showing the images etc. Also there is an emphasis on psychology (the mind) vs. the emotions of Pisces. My sense is that the End of Days thinking is tied up with the concept of linear time - when the age ends, while cyclical time continues to turn endlessly.
  • When I was introduced to metaphysics around the age of 20, the "bible" for metaphysical thought in concern to understanding the nature of reality was a book by Jane Roberts called The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know The premise of this book is the simple but powerful idea that we create our realities from our beliefs. This puts the responsibility upon us as individuals to become conscious of our beliefs so that we can decide to change them if needed to ones less limiting that might be causing problems in all areas of our lives. I quote Seth in The Oracle of the Phoenix with some of the material coming from his introductory book Seth Speaks . Below are audio excerpts from this book that will shed light on this controversial idea of channeled material and provide context around these revolutionary teachings. The volumes of work produced by Seth and Jane Roberts can be found in the Yale Library .