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Jul 15, 2018

The Problem with David


Edited: Jul 27, 2018

If one considers the messianic prophesies related to the lineage of David then we need to get more clarity around the name David or Daveed.

It's all in the Hebrew. As I wrote in the book the prophesy dealing with the root of Jesse was suggested that the root is the root letter within the word Jesse which in Hebrew is spelled Yud-Shin-Yud making the letter Shin the root of Jesse. The Shin letter has 3 branches to it (4 from a mystical context) which looks like Tree of Life with it's three branches. Thus one could view the branch that comes from other related prophesies is associated with the branches of the Tree of Life which are known as pillars such as Mercy, Severity and Harmony as expressed by God in the biblical texts.

The David problem is also a Hebrew conundrum. David is spelled Dalet-Vov-Dalet. When you look up the meaning of the name you will see Beloved or something to that effect. However that meaning comes from another variation of the word spelled the same way but annunciated differently because of the vowels we project onto the word since there are now vowels in the Torah. The word David is derived from is Dod. Here is what one writer says about Dod: "Dod is the most ancient Hebrew word for love. It is probably a primitive caressing syllable taken from the sound da-da that babies make. Babies' sounds are alos the origin of words like אמא - mamma, אבא - papa. This accounts for words like these being found in so many different languages."

When reading the Messianic verses from the Torah it is suggested that when you read verses with the name David that you try to replace the name David with Love and see how it might change the context of the prophesy. Notice whether the word is expanded to say King (Melach) David which would give more clarity as to the actual reference.

In addition, if you look at Jeremiah 23:5 "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous shoot, and he shall reign as king and prosper, and shall execute justice and righteousness in the land." Here some conflation is easy to identify in reading this as I propose with the correction of one thing - it's unto David from the Hebrew L'David or Lamed-Dalet-Vov-Dalet. I've seen translations saying unto or for but a quick Hebrew to English search shows that this means "To" and also the word "shoot" Tzamach - means "Plant" in Hebrew or "to flower or blossom".

So the verse could read ' that I will raise to Love a righteous growth that will flower and blossom that will reign as King and prosper and shall execute justice and righteousness in the land'.

Another hint or clue in reading the Torah is check whether the 3 letter version - dalet-Vov-dalet is used in the verse or the 4 letter version - dalet-vov-yud-dalet which is more accurately read as Daveed. Daveed seems to indicate that it is being used in the proper name version.


A very puzzling verse occurs in Chronicles 1 27:32 concerning Jonathon and David:

לב  וִיהוֹנָתָן דּוֹד-דָּוִיד יוֹעֵץ, אִישׁ-מֵבִין וְסוֹפֵר הוּא; וִיחִיאֵל בֶּן-חַכְמוֹנִי, עִם-בְּנֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ.  Also Jonathan David's uncle was a counselor, a man of understanding, and a scribe; and Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was with the king's sons;


Here you have David and Daveed together with most English translations acknowledging the word Dod (dalet-vov-dalet) but translating it as Uncle - thus we are to believe he had an Uncle Jonathon though we never see another verse inferring or confirming this. Elsewhere in Samuel it is plainly said that Jonathon and David (spelled dalet-vov-dalet) were in a covenant of love. Based on this, I think this verse is suspect in its translation. But more importantly - New Testament writers have relied on Chronicles 1 to establish the lineage of Jesus to David. Everywhere else in Chronicles refers to the personal name Daveed (dalet-vov-yud-dalet). This stands in contrasts to the prophesies that name David (dalet-vov-dalet) as the pivotal figure or House of, etc..


Double check your references on this one as I've seen Hebrew sources showing the spelling interchangeably.

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  • Question 1 - Hi- I finished reading your book. I don’t really get the message behind it, especially the pictures at the end. Do you mind walking me through? Hi there, I'm flattered you read the book. The story is my own journey from seeing the UFOs to trying to make sense of them and the unusual experiences surrounding the sighting. The "message" is that God exists (assuming the animal images in the landscape are "real", that our concept of Messiah is changing from the Pisces idea of the only son of God being sacrificed to absolve our sins to an Aguarian idea of all people being "children of God" who can tap into the inner higher self to heal themselves, find guidance and knowledge that is needed to live a good life for themselves and others. The sighting I use as a marker for this shift in Messianic concepts by bringing in the old prophesies for fulfillment by showing that they were written with many layers of meaning - including what I call a hyperliteral interpretation. Example - when Isaiah says in 11:7 that there will be peace when the lion lies with the lamb and the wolf, etc. the pictures of these same animals are embedded in the earth images that I perceive - knowing full well others may not see them because they are not wired like me (or cross-wired as the case me be). So therefore this narrative must ultimately be reduced to my own "personal myth" which may or may not be embraced by others to create a more widely shared "collective myth". I've brought in controversial material that seeks to reframe Christianity as no longer a religion of sacrifice (Pisces) by using channeled material to show he did not die on the cross and to correlate his water based "miracles" to be sourced from the age of Pisces which will now give way to Aquarian mythology related to the qualities of that sign such as space, sky, brotherhood, etc. that will create a new myth which may or may not have a religious framework. The messages for the fundamentalist religions is that our theologies/civilizations split off so we can come back together - keeping our traditions but losing the idea of one religion being the best or only true representation of God's will. To that end, I show that the Christian concept of Jesus has been distorted, that the Jewish Messiah to come has already shown up in the guise of Cyrus (God's only anointed messiah in the Tanakh) and that his image as a king on a throne (we can project ourselves into the role of king) is one of the key images shown in the landscape within God's "Temple". I emphasize Cyrus because if you look at the Jewish bible called the Tanakh - the last book is Chronicles II. The last verse is "Thus said Cyrus king of Persia: Hashem, God of Heaven, has given to me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has commanded me to build Him a Temple in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whoever is there a among you of His entire people -- May Hashem His God be with him, and let him go up!" Most people would read this as Cyrus saying this while the Jews were captive in Babylonia and refer to Cyrus' freeing them so they could build the second temple in Jerusalem. I read this as him talking about a New Jerusalem which correlates with the "Tabernacle" that holds the images I show - which by the way are the same images present in describing the Cherubim that guards the Ark of the Testament - and is present in Ezekiel's visions which also involve UFO types of imaging. These animals also represent the astrological fixed cross - Taurus (the Ox/Bull, Scorpio (The higher form of the Eagle), Leo (the Lion) and Aquarius (the human child). All of these images are better viewed on the home page of my website www.oracleofthephoenix.com They are labeled in a very light blue so it is easier to see them on the map. My recent work has been around digging further into why these images? What do they represent and why are they used? One hypothesis is that they represent our own inner alignment - making peace within ourselves. One idea is that the fixed cross correlates with our 5 senses: Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hear. We could assign Sight to the Eagle, Touch to the Human, Taste to the Lion (Leo is all about taste:-) and Smell to the Ox/Bull as they are known for their nasal qualities and Hear to our new age in that Sound is made of waves and the Aquarian symbol shows the Human pouring the waters or Aether (as a fifth element) out of a jar into the waves with the starlit background. There is also a relationship in that Taurus represents the 1st sign of Earth, Eagle, 2nd sign of Water or Emotion, Leo 2nd sign of Fire representing Spirit and Aquarius the 3rd sign of Air - the mind. All these elements need to be aligned for inner peace to occur. They also correlate with 4 Worlds of Kabbalah - Aziluth - Fire/Spirit, Emanation, Briah - Air/Mental, Creation, Yetzirah - Water/Emotions, Formation and Assiyah - Earth, Senses, Action. There are references in The Book of Revelation that speak to the stars falling to the earth as well as other images that can be interpreted as being related to the images in the landscape - even the idea of Jesus coming from the clouds (our own vision of the area from the satellite) to reflect the new concept of Jesus (or the Christ Consciousness) being within us. In addition the Fixed signs themselves point to something being "fixed" in consciousness while the Cardinal signs are "initiatory" and the Cadent signs are "dissolving" so we have an alchemical process happening here (within and without) where the fixed signs act as a force of coalescence. To wrap up, given all of these dramatic shifts in religious sensibilities, I've introduced the Kabbalah and its Tree of Life symbol as a way to navigate an Institution lessening of the hold on the masses so that a roadmap can be used to construct new common sense ethics for a community that is grounded in a new understanding of "God's Presence" in our reality. This Presence opens the door to exploring our foundation concepts in just about everything beginning with Evolutionary theory and how it just doesn't work the way scientists commonly look at it. It also opens us up to a multi-dimensional physics that changes our orientation from a Cartesian scientism to a more balanced - wholistic perception of our realities. I close with the Book of Job to show that we have all been tested and "used" by "God" so he could better incarnate into us. Jung's Answer to Job would be a good follow-up to my book. See the forum on my Website for more ideas and information. I hope this helps. Steve
  • I've been in discussions regarding the authenticity of the Torah which is questioned due to the late date of the conventional text today - the Masoretic text. Since Oracle of the Phoenix is concerned mainly with the Isaiah prophesies I think it prudent to include the translation of the Great Scroll of Isaiah found in the Qumran cave dated to 1 B.C. Here is a side-by-side English translation showing the Dead Sea Scroll version against the JPS version which many Bibles use for their translation. There are subtle differences in the text but one interesting thing is that the older version uses the term oracles instead of prophesies. There is also an interesting correspondence with Phoenix in the Egypt section (19:18) which wikipedia comments on here: " In that day five cities in the land of Egypt will speak the language of Canaan and swear by the Lord of hosts: one will be called the City of Destruction . [9] Some Hebrew manuscripts, the Arabic text, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Targum , and Vulgate refer to the Sun , while the Septuagint reads Asedek (literally Righteousness). The name "City of the Sun" is used in the Revised Standard Version and New International Version . John Wycliffe used the Greek name Heliopolis . [10] As many know - Phoenix is known as the Valley of the Sun. Coincidence? It may seem like I'm force-fitting biblical references to support my book narrative. This could very well be but I think it's worth pointing out but the main thing is to use the oldest text of Isaiah to analyse the prophesies or oracles that point to the visionary encounter the book speaks to.
  • Alan F. Segal wrote a book titled "Paul The Convert: The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee" which solidly puts Paul into the context of a first century stream of Merkabah Mysticism . This was operational within the prophetic streams of Judaism - especially Ezekiel 1 which is likened to both Luke's and Paul's own description of Kavod or Glory coming from the light Paul encounters with all the images explored in the Oracle of the Phoenix, such as the Cherubim, throne, etc. Beyond the 2nd chapter of Segal's book, I'm also attaching a review of its entirety by Cary C. Newman of Baylor University Press.