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Jul 17, 2018

Noah's Ark


Edited: Jul 17, 2018

In my book I set out the Gematria for the measurements of the ark which are 30 cubits by 50 cubits by 300 cubits. These measurements convert to the letters Lamed, Resh and Shin which make up the word Larosh which means the Holy Tongue or Word. Much is to be said from a Biblical commentary about this Word as can be demonstrated in this weekly Torah portion from Rabbi Mordecia Finley.


"This week's Torah portion, Noah, has a verse that has become a foundation for the spiritual and mystical approach to prayer. In Genesis 6:16, we find God saying to Noah, "Make a tzohar (light) for the teivah(ark)." The Hebrew word "tzohar" has two basic interpretations in the Talmud: "radiant gemstone" and "skylight", but they both mean "a source of light."

Here is where things get interesting. The Hebrew word for "ark" "teivah" has various meanings. Basically, "teivah" means "container". A "teivah" can mean a mailbox. A "teivah" is what Moses' mother put him in when she saved him from Pharaoh's decree to kill all the male children.

Fascinatingly, this Hebrew word for container, "teivah", also means "word", in the sense of a written word - a written form that "contains" meaning. (There are three Hebrew words for the English word "word" - "davar" which means "a matter", "milah" which means a spoken word, and "tevah" which means a written word.)

Jewish commentators have creatively mistranslated the word "teivah" in Genesis 6:16, that refers to Noah's "teivah" (ark), as "word", so that we can read this verse "put a light in the ark" as "make a light for the word.""

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